The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services has chosen Premier Medical Laboratory Services (PMLS), a CLIA and COLA certified diagnostics laboratory, as a COVID-19 testing provider for NC state employees. As one of the largest labs in the nation, PMLS has the capacity to process up to 300,000 COVID-19 samples per day and provides 98% of results in under 24 hours – capabilities that they will utilize to best serve NC state departments which choose their services. 

“As a laboratory, reliability and consistency is key,” said Kevin Murdock, Founder and CEO of PMLS. “We pride ourselves on being able to deliver accurate results as quickly as possible with every sample we receive. We’ve built an infrastructure that allows us to process large numbers of tests rapidly so that we can truly make a meaningful impact. We look forward to working with the state of North Carolina to help keep their state departments and their economy healthy.”

Throughout the pandemic PMLS has served as the choice processing lab for Health and Human Services testing sites and the trusted COVID-19 management partner for professional sports teams, schools, colleges, large corporations, and health departments spanning from coast to coast. Along with their high capacity and fast turnaround times, PMLS is part of a house of brands under Diversified Medical Healthcare which manufactures testing supplies, develops medical data management software, and provides PPE to seamlessly meet the needs of these organizations without delay or disruption.

With a comprehensive approach to providing solutions, PMLS has also implemented one of the largest variant surveillance initiatives in the country, tracking novel variants like Omicron and Delta. They have the capability to perform next generation sequencing on up to 42,000 specimens per week to provide critical data for a better understanding of the virus and how it’s mutating over time.