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Medication Monitoring

Introducing Medication Monitoring
for Oral Anti-Cancer Drugs.

The use of oral anticancer drugs is steadily increasing in modern oncology. This paradigm shift in cancer care has brought to light some important issues including the duration of the treatment period, the management of toxicity, and the adherence to treatment protocols. Maximal benefit from oral anticancer agents can only be achieved when they are used properly and taken as prescribed. Suboptimal or non-adherence can result in poor survival outcomes, unnecessary adjustment of treatment regimens, and increased reliance on healthcare resources. Studies show that adherence to prescribed oral anticancer drugs is not very high with long term therapies.

To meet these challenges, First Medical Laboratory Services has developed a test specifically to monitor anti-cancer medication adherence using a minimally invasive collection method. This testing can be combined with medication monitoring for pain medications.

Benefits of monitoring include:

  • Monitoring and potentially improving overall adherence rate
  • Identifying suboptimal adherence to the dose based on published steady-state levels
  • Reporting toxicity or adverse effect versus the blood drug concentration
  • Measuring possible drug bioavailability based on the steady-state level
  • Analysis of drug-drug interactions

AssuranceRx Micro Serum Testing

First Medical Laboratory Services has developed a proprietary micro serum test using Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) combined with a simple, minimally invasive finger stick collection. AssuranceRx Micro Serum provides clinical data that is not available through traditional urine drug tests (UDT). This testing methodology includes a well-established correlation between the dosage prescribed and the level of drug in the patient’s blood. AssuranceRx Micro Serum can indicate whether a patient is taking their drug or drugs as prescribed. Simple, observed collection eliminates adulteration potential, and can be performed in-office without a phlebotomist. Contact us to find out how to implement serum testing as part of your current medication monitoring program.

Key features

  • Well-established correlation between therapeutic and toxic drug concentration level in serum
  • Non-invasive, observed collection eliminates adulteration concerns
  • Provides patient’s phenotype (metabolism pattern). Some patients have lower or higher than expected serum drug and metabolite(s) levels due to polymorphic variation
  • Effect of drug-drug interactions for the prescribed drugs
  • Serum concentration level provides clinical data needed to safely escalate dosage
  • Detects diversion even in cases when patient is taking part of their prescription to avoid detection
  • Can be utilized alone or used along with traditional UDT program
  • Easy to interpret result report

Lab Testing

First Medical Laboratory Services is a high-quality, innovative diagnostic laboratory committed to providing specialized and cost-effective prescription drug monitoring services to aid in combating the current opioid epidemic. We provide physicians, treatment centers and patients with clinically relevant results to ensure that providers have the information they need to combat diversion, misuse and abuse of prescription medications and illicit drugs. We advocate for the highest level of patient care through educational outreach and ethical testing practices rooted in medical necessity and compliance.

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