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Skin Care In The Month Of May

It’s May out, the sun is getting hotter, and before you spend too much time suntanning, you may want to check out Did you know May is skin cancer awareness month? It’s true, and it makes sense: as the season changes, you want to go into it with an awareness of risks that can be associated with certain activities, and which are generally not accounted for. In recognition of this month, following several aspects of skin cancer will be considered: how to detect it, and how to prevent it.

Detecting Skin Cancer

First, know that if you are able to detect the presence of skin cancer, then you’re likely able to prevent it. This is why endorses the practice of regularly examining yourself head-to-toe in order to determine if you’ve got anything to be concerned about. If you can find an instance of skin cancer, you can get it swiftly removed. In almost all cases, it is ultimately curable.

Look for new moles and growths. Keep an eye on existing growths to see if they’ve gotten larger than they previously were. If you have lesions that change, don’t heal, itch, or bleed, you should know that these are alarm signals. Check out this helpful article to understand the ABCDEs of detection. Another method of detection is “the ugly duckling” sign. This is basically a legion or mole that looks different than others.

Preventing Skin Cancer

A lot of skin cancer prevention involves strategic sun safety. First and foremost: don’t let yourself get burnt! Use sunscreen to keep yourself from burning if you’re in the sun too much. Between about ten in the morning and four in the afternoon, you should find areas that are shady. Keep yourself clear of those tanning beds that use UV light. Make sure you’ve got clothing that covers sensitive skin. When using sunscreen, ensure it is at an SPF rating of fifteen or greater. The quantity you’re looking to apply is about an ounce, which you should coat your whole body with about a half an hour prior going outside. Put more on right after you either swim or sweat, and put more on every two hours. If you’ve got toddlers or newborns, try to keep them out of the sun as best you can. Ensure also that you give your skin a thorough monthly examination. Last, but certainly not least, you should make a yearly appointment with a qualified professional to have your skin examined.

Healthy Prevention

The truth is, there are a broad variety of cancers which have an environmental component to them, whether it be an addiction, chemical substances, or radiation of some variety. The sun will radiate you, and if your body isn’t protected or adapted, you’re literally going to feel the burn.

Generally, here will be the best way to avoid not just skin cancer, but any cancer: eat healthy foods that aren’t processed and don’t include either GMOs or chemical foodstuffs. Supplement with vetted vitamin and mineral supplements if you can’t directly acquire these kinds of foods. Exercise regularly, and to the proper limits of your physical ability. Also, avoid situations where there might be cancer causing agents–like excessive sun, or previously radiated areas that include biological hazards. Bio-hazards in general are to be avoided at all costs. Also, cut down on substance abuse. Eliminating it entirely is wise.

The summer is set to be beautiful, and if you’re going to fully enjoy it, you want to exercise proper sun safety. So keep an eye on yourself, and wear sunscreen!