Check Your Medications with Your Doctor

There are a few times that you need to check your medications. Most primary care physicians want you to make a routine appointment at least every six months so they can go through your medications and check the medications you are still taking, the dosages, and if you are no longer taking these medications. Many primary doctors will not renew your prescriptions unless you make this six-month appointment.

Check Your Medications with Your Pharmacist

Not only are you supposed to go to your doctor’s office at least every six months for a medication review your pharmacy encourages you to bring all your medications to them for a review.

When you phone in a medication refill at the pharmacy, you look to check the order yourself and the label to make sure your prescription filled correctly. Pharmacists rarely make mistakes in refilling medications. However, mistakes do happen because pharmacists are human beings subject to error no matter how rare they make a mistake.

Check Your Medication at Home Before Taking

Every time you take your medications you check the bottle by reading the label to make sure you have the correct medication and are taking the medication at the proper time of day.

Your Responsibility as a Patient in the Hospital

Hospitals can make medication errors. If you are a patient in the hospital you or your appointed advocate needs to check the medications the doctor ordered, the dosages, the times, and why the medications ordered, and for how long.

Ask the nurse about potential side effects of any new medications ordered. You, the patient are your best advocate if you are mentally able to follow through. If you are not able due to dementia, coma, sedation, or other, it is up to your medical advocate to follow through.