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Established Accepted Research Facts

Previously, researchers reported in error that only 50 percent of heart attacks were caused by risk factors such as smoking cigarettes or unbridled cholesterol. But now they recapitulate that the cause of 90 percent of all heart attacks  occur because of nine risk factors that you as an individual have the ability to avoid.

Before listing the nine beasts that form the main cause of a heart attack, you should read and mentally acknowledge that these risks are equal opportunity killers.  They attack men and women, young and old, black, white, Asian, European and American.

You cannot reverse the dangers that two of the risks affect, so there is no escape hatch built into the human body.  However, you can affect a decrease of risk by adopting a lifestyle of diet, exercise and moderate alcohol consumption.

Validating Study

Salim Yusuf, MD, leading cardio scientist for the above-referenced study, conducted the study of 30,000 patients, 50 percent being first heart attack survivors, and 50 percent being healthy volunteers comprising similar age, race and gender to the first group of heart attack survivor patients. The study was performed in 52 different countries and on every populated continent, and concluded that it is definite that the same factors of risk and heart dangers causing a heart attack in a white European also causes a heart attack in an Asian.

Compiled Risks Causing Heart Attack:

That last risk being abstaining from alcohol might be puzzling.  However, scientific studies show males who drink up to two alcohol drinks per day, and females who drink up to one per day do have lower risk of heart disease.  One drink is four to five ounces of wine, a 12-ounce beer or one ounce of liquor.


Measure Your Risk by Your Waistline

Instead of figuring the traditional body mass index, the study researchers took waistline measurements. A waist of more than 80 centimeters or 32 inches in women produced increased risk of heart attack.  In men, a waistline more than 85 centimeters or 34 inches increased their heart attack risk. The waist measurement is a better and more accurate predictor because it is abdominal fat.  That is the type far closely associated with heart attacks.

Summarizing Risk and Effect

The limits of your cardiovascular specialist and cardiologist to protect you from dying of a multi-infarct lie in their ability to provide you with latest scientific data, professional advice and a preventive treatment program.  If prevention does not work and you suffer a major heart attack, your cardiologist will prescribe a more aggressive treatment plan.  If that also fails, then a cardio surgeon might have an opportunity to participate in your treatment by arterial stent implantation or open heart surgery.

They cannot push the carbohydrates and fats off your fork and are unable to shove you into a gym or nature walk regularly.  Their medical background is extensive and grueling, but requires your participation to be effective.

The road you take depends upon whether you choose to travel to prevention of a heart attack or take the highway to the major heart attack exit.


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