If you were recently diagnosed with Hepatitis C, you are probably wondering what the condition is along with how it affects the body. You probably also want to know the treatment plan for dealing with the serious health condition too. Learning as much as you can about the illness is essential for caring for yourself properly so you can live the longest life possible in as much comfort as possible.

What exactly is Hepatitis C?

Hepatitis C is a viral infection you can become infected with by coming in contact with it from another infected person through blood contact. This can occur from being exposed to blood during sexual intercourse, sharing dirty needles, using someone else’s razor, childbirth or infected blood seeping into an open wound you may have. Once exposure to the infected blood occurs, within a few weeks you will begin to notice symptoms of the virus infecting the body.

What areas of the body does Hepatitis C affect?

Hepatitis C affects the liver. This is because the liver is the major organ that cleanses the blood from impurities such as virus strains. When the liver comes in contact with the virus strains it causes inflammation, which leads to the Hepatitis C infection. As soon as the liver becomes inflamed and infected it is unable to cleanse the blood from toxins causing other areas of the body to fail.

What other areas of the body begin to struggle with the viral infection?

Other areas that begin struggling with the viral infection are the stomach, intestines, gallbladder, brain, mouth, skin, and eyes. This is because the body is filling up with toxins. Eventually the side affects you begin to see are yellowing skin and eyes, musty breath due to dry mouth and toxic saliva, extreme fatigue, nausea and vomiting, headaches, chronic back and stomach aches, and bowel issues. Without early treatment liver cancer and failure become a huge possibility, which could eventually lead to death. You will even see your central nervous system beginning to fail causing poor motor skills and sleep disturbances. With that said, many people do not even experience any of these symptoms until it is too late.

Why do many people not notice they have been infected with the virus?

Many people do not even notice they have been infected with the virus because symptoms do not begin appearing until the liver begins failing. The best time to stop the virus from worsening or at least slow it down is by catching it early. You do this by getting an early blood test as soon as you believe you may have contracted the virus from someone else. An early diagnose increases your chances of having it cured with antiviral medications.

What are some end thoughts to keep in mind?

Once you are prescribed antiviral medications and are on a treatment plan, you can be cured from the diseases within 12 weeks, but again it has the be caught early. With that said, if the infection is not caught until the later stages, you can live with the virus safely on medication for the rest of your life if it does not become cured. You just have to be cautions not to expose your blood to other people. In addition, you must support your immune system with immune supporting supplements. This is because any exposure to any other infection could worsen the virus making you sicker. Eating well, staying hydrated and getting plenty of sleep and mild exercise can help with keeping you as healthy as possible also.

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