Advancements in medical technology are occurring in the field of DNA testing. Technological advancements are making genomic testing faster and more cost-effective. Now these genotype tests can be done simply through a quick swab of a patient’s cheek and physicians can be analyzing results within a few short days.

These advancements in the field of pharmacogenomics have allowed physicians and pharmacists to select more effective treatment regimens providing more effective as well as safer medicine to their patients.

Not only can medical providers now provide more effective treatment and reduce the possibility of dangerous drug interactions for their patients, providers can also realize the financial benefits of pharmacogenomic testing. This will help the practitioner not only provide more effective medicine but also increase profitability within the practice.

Pharmacogenomic Testing can help Improve Patient Care Through:

  • Cost savings for both patients and providers
  • Help prevent and predict possible dangerous drug interactions
  • Reduce adverse effects from failures in treatment such as hospitalizations
  • Prevent providers from resorting to a “trial-and-error” method of prescribing treatment

Premier Medical Laboratory Services is proud to offer a full panel of pharmacogenomic testing through our MD Genetic Pro program.  Visit our website today to learn more about our testing services. Call us at 877-335-2455 and one of our client services representatives would be happy to help you begin our MD Genetic Pro program!

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