How Treating Allergies in Children May Help Them Avoid Asthma

Asthma  and Allergies seem to run hand in hand. This illness effects millions of children world wide as well. If one or both parents of child has asthma; the chances of that child inheriting it is very high. If children or younger than pre-school age; the airflow test will be incomplete as the child wont be able to blow hard enough into the medical tube device. Any caregivers and all family members need to be aware at all times of this conditions.

This article is written to give insight on how to treat allergies in children and how to prevent the allergic reaction that causes asthma. There are many things that can trigger this illness, but now you’ll have a better understanding of what to do.


From the early stages in life; many children show signs of asthma before the age of five. As the bronchial tubes in small children become inflamed or irritated; they tend to get very small. Children of this age and size makes it very difficult for a doctor to get a proper examination to recognize what exactly is happening. Here are some symptoms to look for:

  • Whistling or wheezing as the child breathes in and out
  • Excessive night time coughing, especially during night time
  • Chest colds that come more frequently and lasts longer
  • Faster than normal breathing and having trouble breathing from minor activities

Pediatric Asthma can be very fearful and usually comes in the form of these symptoms. The issues could last as long weeks if not tended to accordingly.

As we go through our day to day routine; we may not know what exactly causes these allergic reactions. There are many things such as food, to polluted air, can cause an asthma attack. ” Know the signs and you’ll be find”.

Allergies That Can Trigger An Attack

     The everyday foods in your diet can trigger and attack. Proper and on going treatments from a doctor is very important, especially in young children. Here are some of the most common catalysts:

1. Food Allergies such as eggs, soy, milk, wheat, fish, peanuts, and shell fish can put allergy sufferers in a life-threatening event. A mother’s milk has a significant prevention benefit from allergies because the milk is easily digested and infants immune systems seem to strengthens for infants up the six months old.

Single ingredient foods for infants including bananas, green veggies, apples, squash, carrots, and cereal-grains can give a care-giver or parent a better chance at identifying certain allergic foods.

2.Tobacco Smoke is a very common problem unfortunately. Smoking during or after pregnancy insignificantly raises your child’s chances of developing asthma. Smoking or second-hand smoking inhaled by infants drastically increases Chronic Respiratory Illnesses.

3. Pets/Animals seem to be a bit tricky. Children at young ages that are exposed to pets seem to develop allergy issues but other kids at the same age doesn’t develop and issues. Pet Dander is a very common problem since must of us have pets in the house-hold. It’s best to talk to your physician first to know the positives and negatives of pet ownership and allergies.

4. Dust Mites are very common in everyday lives and is a major trigger for asthma sufferers. It’s best to prevent or delay this situation for as long as possible, but with all air-born substances; may be impossible. It’s always good to wash bed sheets, blankets, pillows, pillow cases, curtains, and bed spreads on a regular basis to keep these air-born allergies to a minimum.

Mild or severe asthma cases are very serious and if left untreated; can be fatal. Being undiagnosed for asthma cab be expensive as well. Over night hospital stays, emergency room visits, and missing work can take a toll on the average persons or families.

Treatments And Management

     There are two types of medicines that the doctor prescribes for children with asthma. The frequency and severity will determine the best option for your child.

  • Quick Relief Meds should be with the child all of the time. The inhaler is used for asthma attacks, wheezing, and coughing and definitely should be used during the first moments or signs of an attack.
  • Long Term Relief Meds are taken daily and are used more as a preventative measure.
  • RAST Testing and Allergen Immunotherapy seeks to identify the cause of the allergic reaction and treat to eliminate or significantly reduce symptoms. Treating the allergic reaction has been clinically linked with stopping asthmatic condition.

Always talk to your doctor for a more professional and detailed orientation. For more info go here

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