Laboratory Urine Testing has  many benefits in the medical and professional world as well as the athletic world of today.  Having a state of the art facility for testing is crucial for many reasons. Medical, employment, athletic  purposes are all important and can be addressed .

Medical Screening

Fast and accurate medical analysis is of the most importance for the determination of potentially  life threatening illnesses. A quick assessment can eleviate the stress and worry of not knowing and can also give you an invaluable leg up in getting proper treatment in the case of something needing attention.
Determination of pregnancy is a medical test that is especially important. A pregnant woman is able to start prenatal care faster for the health of her unborn child, as well as herself.
Monitoring of prescription drugs, to make sure that the levels are optimal, ensures that the patient is taking the correct amounts. This can be both life saving, and save a patient money in a long-term way. Having the correct tools to diagnose a person’s medical condition is a great asset in their long term health care treatment plan.

Employment Recreational Drug Screening

Drug screening for employment is typically done prior to an official job offer, but it can be performed on a random basis, following an accident, or if the employer has a reasonable suspicion that a person is using illegal drugs. A speedy return of a screening can mean faster employment.
Employment drug testing is common among employers. It is mandatory in some industries, especially where heavy equipment is used or in Governmental positions. This type of testing is an important and useful tool for employers.

Athletic Screenings

While conventional drug testing is performed on competitive athletes, the primary focus is on doping which is  the use of drugs and or supplements that are intended to promote muscle growth or to improve strength and endurance. On a local level such as school sports, s testing may be limited, but on a national and international level, it has become highly organized.This is a very useful tool in the professional athletic community.

Important points of Urine Testing

  • Support and monitor medication therapy, particularly those that deal with controlled substances
  • Employment Drug Testing
  • Identification of illegal drug or medication abuse or misuse
  • Identify recent use of  medications that includes but not limited to prescription and over the counter
  • The detection of medications that may result in a drug-drug interaction
  • Communicate with, patients about individual treatment plans

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