I have been lucky enough in the past to own two businesses. One was a small sandwich deli when I was younger. I saved up money while getting my degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management from the University of Houston, and the second is a restaurant consulting business that I currently still run. I’m the guy that you call when your restaurant starts to fail.

One of the unfortunate aspects of the hospitality industry and any small business in general, is that, in America, it is typical that these businesses operate on cash. In the hospitality industry, it is customary to tip your server, or the hotel employee that helps you, etc. Because of this, the hospitality industry is rife with drug and alcohol addicts, all of who know that it is easy to get hired at a small hotel or restaurant where no questions are asked, no backgrounds are checked, and no drug screens are done. They typically come in, work for a week, maybe two, and then disappear when they have enough money to get their next fix.

Because of this, finding a drug screening laboratory that you can depend on is an important aspect of any business owner’s recruiting and hiring process. It can save your sanity, save you from heartache, and save you from a lawsuit down the line when dealing with ex employees that have a drug or alcohol problem that may have caused trouble in the business. Typically in the hospitality industry your employees will be around hot or sharp equipment and knowing that they are at their best mentally at all time gives you peace of mind.

When hiring for your business, practice making the conversation about drug testing being mandatory before employment over and over until you are comfortable with it. And remember, no matter how desperate you are for employees, never let a potential employee begin working until you get the results of the test back from the drug screening laboratory. Having this conversation early is also a good way to weed out those employees who seem to impress you during the initial, second, and possibly third interview, and then a few weeks into their employment turn out to be one of the worst decisions you’ve ever made. As you can tell, I’ve made this mistake multiple times in the past. I’d even venture to say that it is one of the reasons my first restaurant failed. Because I did not make sure that my employees were going to be reliable and trustworthy.

You may be wondering how to begin the process of finding a drug screening laboratory? You’ve probably done a search online which brought you to this article. Well, if you’re looking for advice and a recommendation, then click here to visit the Premier Medical Laboratory Services website. While there you can easily establish an account, and after your account is set up, you can quickly and confidentially obtain your potential employee’s results by logging into their secure client portal.

Premier Medical can screen using urine samples or oral fluid samples. They screen for a myriad of illegal drugs, or drugs that are easily abused. See the Test Menu tab of their site for full details.

Remember, if you own your own business, it is imperative in this day and age that you find a reliable drug screening laboratory. Let Premier Medical Laboratory Services be there for you.

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