It is important to note that there isn’t a federal law that forbids an employer to request a drug test. If an employer suspects that he/she has an employee who is abusing drugs or alcohol, the employer can demand that the suspected employee take a drug test. Commonly, drug tests check for drugs including heroin, marijuana and cocaine. Some drug tests may check for prescription medication as well as alcohol.

If you suspect that an employee is abusing drugs, you have to right to request a mandatory drug test of that employee. It is recommended that companies outsource their drug testing to a third-party for a variety of reasons including false accusations.

When employees have to take a drug test in-house this can embarrass them. Typically, your employees will wait in a waiting area with their urine sample, talking to co-workers. One-by-one employees will be called into the testing room, and then the drug test will be administered. Conducting employee drug testing this way does not provide confidentially to your employees.

When you use a third-party to administer your drug testing needs, your employees will not personally know anyone in the waiting room preventing them from becoming embarrassed. Of course, there will be others in the waiting room, but the chances of an employee using urine that is not his/hers to tamper the test results simply will not happen due to the fact that a medical professional will be in the testing room with the employee while the sample is deposited into the collection cup.

In addition, in-house drug testing is extremely expensive. Today many businesses as well as corporations cannot afford the extra expense of in-house drug testing. Hiring a third-party to handle all of your drug-testing needs saves your business money.

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