If you own your own business (large or small) then you may want to consider outsourcing your mandatory employee and potential employee drug tests. Your Human Resource employees should not be responsible to administer the tests to your employees or any potential employee of your business. In fact, drug testing employees is not commonly a core function for Human Resource departments.

Typically, HR employees are responsible for tasks that are vital to your business such as payroll, and should a disgruntled employee feel as if he/she was treated unfairly during a mandatory drug test, then your HR employee could face legal consequences if he/she did not follow all ethical and legal practices administering the test to the disgruntled employee.

In order to avoid drug testing hassles in your business, it is recommended that you consider outsourcing such a vital test. Outsourcing instantly removes any and all responsibility from your Human Resources department and employees.

Typically, HR employees are not trained to administer a drug test, nor are they trained to read the results accurately. When you decide that it is time for your business to outsource your drug testing responsibilities, you are also preventing a possible law suit.

Third-party drug testing companies are neutral parties that will perform the test without bias. They are also medically trained and will prevent tampering of the testing. All of your mandatory drug tests will be administered off site in a certified lab.

As soon as the test results are back, you will be able to either call the drug test outsourcing company to find out if the results are negative or positive. Depending upon the company you use for this service, you may also be able to view the results online.

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