Certain companies may want to outsource their lab testing instead of doing it in-house. There are many benefits to outsourcing your urine drug tests – especially when you are testing for medication and want to monitor the results. For example, did you know that depending upon the company you decide to outsource your drug testing to; you may be able to review your employees’ results online instead of having to wait for them in the mail?

Once you have made the decision to outsource your drug testing, you will reap instantaneous benefits such as:

Cost Savings – Setting up an in-house testing program is expensive. Once you outsource this expense, you do not have to worry about collection fees, lab analysis costs, or even abnormal results that would require you to hire a medical professional. In addition, your testing program would also have to be administered. Outsourcing your drug testing prevents you from having to worry about any of this, and saves you money as well as overhead.

Third Party Administrator – When companies administer their drug tests in-house there is a chance that an employee could tamper with the results because he/she would have access to the test and have more privacy in the restroom than is warranted when drug testing. When you outsource your testing, a third-party is always present, eliminating the risk of an employee tampering with the results or providing a urine sample that is not his/hers.

Medical Follow-Up – When you outsource your testing, you will instantly know as soon as it is available if the employee has passed or failed the test, allowing you to make the proper decision of terminating employment or possibly discussing the results with the employee to find out if he/she is on prescription medication that could have influenced the test. In the event that an employee fails a drug test, he/she will likely be scheduled a medical follow-up to discuss the results.

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