A patient arrives with unexplained pain – it could be in their joints, in their digestive tract, or simply generalized pain. A series of tests, scans, and more are administered, with nothing coming up. Many doctors would tell the patient to take a pain killer, head home, and return if the pain continued or worsened.

Something that might not be addressed, however, is the possibility of illegal substances in the patient’s system. With the increased use of illegal drugs around the nation, a urine drug screening could become an expected step in treating a patient for pain complaints.


The Pain

Illegal substances have been known to cause a myriad of hard-to-explain aches and pains. Some drugs simply aggravate pre-existing conditions, causing the patient a great deal of pain. A frequent complaint of those taking hard drugs is unexplained chest pain, often caused by inflammation of the heart muscles or surrounding tissue. Withdraw symptoms can also be numerous and otherwise undetectable.


The Test

A urine drug confirmation (or UDC) can help a medical professional to rule out any and all illegal substance involvement. The UDC can then either be tested on sight in the lab or outsourced to another lab for testing.

Approaching a patient for a drug screening is much easier than a doctor might think – many patients are fine with doing a screening, as long as it is requested in a professional manner. Patients expect to be run through tests in a doctor’s office, so they won’t usually question a UDC.


The Recovery

The presence of an illegal or unprescribed drug in the patient’s system during urine drug confirmations does not mean that their complaints of pain are unwarranted. On the contrary, the pain may point to drug complications such as addiction, unexpected side affects, or a reaction with a separate legal or illegal drug.

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