One of the most common types of tests used among medical professionals is the urine drug confirmation test. Drugs are more prevalent than ever in our society, and have a major impact on the health of incoming patients. Many jobs now require a screening in order to apply, and due to the economic downturn many people are flocking to get these drug tests done. What are the positives and negatives of these types of drug tests?

The Pros
• The drug test in non-invasive. Patient can retreat to a private bathroom, and rarely does a doctor need to be present for the voiding procedure. Patients find this comfortable, and prefer this type of drug test over others.
• Drugs can be detected in the urine for a lengthy amount of time. This means that it can be more reliable than other sampling methods.
• There are many labs that now offer outsourcing for these urine drug confirmations. They dutifully monitor each sample and specimen sent to them, keeping them stored under safe conditions.

The Cons
• Urine needs to be properly stored in order to have valid and stable tests. Storing vessels need to be pristine, and storing chambers need to be particular and properly maintained.
• Can be difficult to obtain if patient cannot produce urine in the moment. This could be situation (a patient has recently voided) or due to health complications (unable to urinate on any occasion).
• Urine specimens can be easily altered or tampered with. Due to the privacy of the voiding process, patients could potentially alter a sample before it is handed over to the doctor.

Many doctors turn to urine tests when it’s time to test for drugs in a patient. Knowing the positives and negatives to these sorts of tests can help you decide which method you prefer.

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